Le Arcate Restaurant


At "Le Arcate", you'll find an array of the most traditional dishes of the Amalfi Coast, such as handmade pasta with either seafood, or Siciliana style (eggplant, mozzarella, and tomato sauce). There are also many more sophisticated recipes such as Scialatielli pasta, with shrimp, and zucchine.

You might prefer a taste of the local fish, grilled or acquapazza style (local recipe).

The fragrance of the best local wines, and the view will complete the pleasant atmosphere.

Ristorante "Le Arcate"
Largo Orlando Buonocore
84010 Atrani (SA)
Phone: +39 089 871367
Email: info@www.learcate.net

Amalfi Coast Restaurant
Our fish and some first dishes

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Le Arcate

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